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Sustainable Energy

iPS Green Initiative


As a supply chain partner, we are responsible to practice sustainable business operations. That's why all of our solutions, including order fulfillment, inventory and order management, are constantly evolving to use greener processes and technology.

What we're doing now

As a supply chain partner, we understand the impact of our carbon footprint. iPS has currently implemented many programs and technology to help us stay green including innovative: packaging, technology, transportation, warehousing, and reverse logistics.

What we're doing next

Our goal is to maintain 100 percent zero net carbon shipments by 2035. We are continuing to look into new, innovative ways to use green energy, packing materials, and processes to improve our footprint as well as our client's footprint.

Paper Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

We work with your business to find green packaging materials that still ensure product safety.

Tropical Leaves

Green Certification

Does your business have green certification?

Ink Jet Printer

Sustainable Technology

iPS uses electric vans and green printing for all order fulfillment needs.

Electric Charging Station

Green Transportation

We reduced vehicle emissions by operating electric vans and forklifts and eliminating wasted transportation space.

Empty Factory


iPS introduced LED motion sensors and modular lighting in our warehouse and implemented strict regulations for truck idling.


Reverse Logistics

iPS has a streamlined reverse logistics process that helps to recover returned products and eliminate waste. 

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