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iPS Logistics' FUEL technology

iPS has developed a proprietary suite of sophisticated technologies designed to fulfill the needs of our clients and to automate both operational and sales workflows, while providing real-time access to your assets and information anytime, anywhere.


FUEL Your Success

iPS Logistics recently launched FUEL, an innovative app that allows our clients to manage their sales orders, inventory, and vendor information. With FUEL your business can view sales orders, stay up-to-date on inventory, and track your business's growth. FUEL is the supply chain tool you need to have the most visibility over your e-Commerce business.

Integrations and Connectivity

We offer a variety of connectivity options that avoid bottlenecks, which affect internal processes, commonly experienced by other supply chains using “off-the-shelf” software. Our IT department has expertise in XML & EDI, thus the ability to instantly connect you to any digital shopping carts, 3rd party sales system, or our own customizable shopping cart software.

Online Tools and Inventory Management

iPS inventory management systems help our clients manage their business from anywhere, anytime. Our services available include access to: 

  • Shipping and receiving reports

  • Inventory reports 

  • Sales forecasting/demand management

  • Sales and operations planning

  • Production planning

  • Material requirements planning

  • Inventory reductions

Custom Solutions

At iPS, new technology and e-Commerce solutions are constantly evolving via our IT department to improve and tailor our service offerings to our clients needs. If you have a specific bottleneck or snag in your supply chain, we can help.​


For a tour of our software, details about our e-Commerce and shopping cart solutions, or help with a custom solution please contact us today!

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