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Working in the Warehouse

Inventory Management

Track Your Inventory

in Real-time.


We know that your inventory is your money. That’s why our premium inventory management system includes up-to-the minute inventory status, sales forecasting/demand management, and visibility for proper operations planning.

Inbound Shipments

Our team of experienced warehouse specialists can handle any sized inbound shipment with services including: 

  • Offloading of full containers 

  • Small parcel receipt

  • Accurate confirmation of quantity, item and SKU identification, and condition

  • Immediate relocation to fully visible racks

Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management Specialists follow strict inventory control procedures and run continual cycle counts on all inventory–including product components–to ensure that your available inventory and physical inventory are in sync. iPS certifies real-time inventory status updates and low stock alerts to minimize inventory costs and ensure an adequate supply of products.

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